Laser Therapy


We now offer laser therapy for your pets. Our laser is a class IV Therapy Laser, which is the strongest, most effective laser on the market today. Laser therapy can relieve pain, reduce swelling, increase range of motion and reduce symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. We have experienced great success with reducing post surgical pain, aid in the healing of hotspots and lick granulomas, reduce chronic ear infections, and alleviating some of the chronic pain due to arthritis for your older pets.



Kirtland Veterinary Hospital stocks a wide range of quality veterinary medications. All of our medications are guaranteed by their manufacturers and trusted by our veterinarians. All of our medications are competitively priced and most are available for same day pick up.

Hospice/Euthanasia Services


Each member of Kirtland Veterinary Hospital’s staff is a pet owner and a pet lover. We all know that the end of our pet’s lives always come too soon. It is our goal to help your pet have as many happy days as possible and we will work with your to keep your pet comfortable at the end of his or her life. When the time comes to say goodbye, we will support you in your decision making process and make your pet’s final moments comfortable and dignified. We also offer private cremation services.

Microchip Pet Identification


Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. At Kirtland Veterinary Hospital we use “Home Again” microchips. These chips permanently identify your pet and link your pet to Kirtland and to your home address in a national computer registry. The “Home Again” company offers programs that will send out an “Amber Alert” like message to area veterinary hospitals and shelters if your pet disappears. If your pet has a different brand of microchip “Home Again” can register your pet’s existing microchip and you can access all of the benefits of “Home Again’s” services. Please click on the “Home Again” link on our web site, or ask one our staff to answer any questions.

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